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Workout Session 3: Google’s Ingress

Ingress is a fantastic game just by itself, but combine it with a quest for health and fitness, it can be an amazing part of your daily walking regiment without even realizing you’re getting exercise! In this session, I take you on a tour of the gameplay and a little bit of the plot. If you have a decent powered Android phone and can get a beta invite, its the perfect augmented reality fitness game.

Workout Session 2: Happy Trees 2013

In this S2W motion/gesture control and speech experiment, Ben invokes a bad facsimile of Bob Ross as we relax to a session of painting.

In this, we demonstrate speech commands to change color, clear the canvas, and invoke the canvas master himself for a quick landscape.  In front of Ben is an Asus Xtion Pro depth camera powered by Ben’s OpenNI/NiTE Node.js “NuiMotion” plugin.

For the tech behind this post, checkout and search for Ben’s Kinect/Natural User Interaction posts on  Also, for the Speech interaction, specifically, checkout Ben’s Web Speech API writeup.

Workout Session 1: The Fitbit

In the first official S2W session, Ben reviews the fitbit after a few weeks of use.  It’s still cold and dreary outside, with spring apparently meaning nothing – so what better way to ease us into fitness by getting out and walking.  Let the Fitbit be your guide, it will tell you what to do in this harsh weather while you bundle up in your best winter garb.

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